Private Investigations

The Aequitas Group specializes in the leveraging of multidisciplinary expertise in police science and forensic psychology for attorney work-product investigations and consulting expert case review throughout Texas

Our core team of master investigators consists exclusively of highly experienced law enforcement professionals with baccalaureate or master’s degrees, ten+ years’ experience conducting criminal investigations, and extensive time testifying before grand juries and in courtrooms.  Senior associate investigators all have fifteen+ years’ experience or have a baccalaureate degree with five+ years’ experience.  All investigative reports are reviewed by a master investigator to ensure our high standards for professionalism, thoroughness, objectivity, and neutrality.

Background investigations are often used by public sector agencies, such as police departments, to conduct an in-depth history into a job applicant. Basic background investigations include criminal history reports, asset and financial reports, verification of employment, and other public records. More detailed investigations include interviewing primary references, secondary references, family members, neighbors, and other contacts. Aequitas Group affiliated investigators have conducted background investigations for private companies and public sector agencies, and are ready to provide those services to you.
Law enforcement and child protective services are mandated to investigate allegations of child abuse and neglect -- but what happens when limited resources combined with inexperienced investigators are not able to substantiate what you believe to be true or file charges that you do not feel are justified? Aequitas Group affiliated investigators have conducted high level child abuse investigations, including sexual abuse cases, and are ready to help you find peace of mind through the truth, no matter what the truth turns out to be.
Law enforcement agencies are constantly faced with making decisions on which cases to invest public resources -- oftentimes leaving cases without strong leads on the shelf to collect dust. Aequitas Group affiliated investigators are ready to bring investigative and forensic expertise to help seek justice in cold cases involving yourself or loved ones.
While many law enforcement officers and investigators strive to be impartial, such is not always the case. Aequitas Group affiliated investigators strive for impartiality and have worked for both sides -- prosecution and defense -- in cases to ensure that true justice is both sought and served because you have a right to maintain your innocence until proven guilty. While we do not recommend defendants and suspects hire their own defense investigators, Aequitas Group affiliated investigators stand ready to work closely with defense attorneys to ensure law enforcement followed proper procedures, find favorable exculpatory evidence, find potential problems for the prosecution with witness testimony.
All too often the unexpected death of a person is not clearly ruled homicide, suicide, or accidental. Aequitas Group affiliated investigators stand ready to help bring closure to these questionable cases through psychological autopsy, retrospective death assessments, reconstructive evaluation, and other forms of equivocal death investigation.

Forensic hypnosis, sometimes referred to as investigative hypnosis, utilizes evidence-based psychological science to help people recall important details from an event. Jeremy Liebbe is certified to utilize and specializes in forensic hypnosis while following all of the procedural safeguards established by the courts to minimize, if not eliminate, the potential for improper influence all to often found when clinical practitioners who utilize hypnosis attempt to delve into the forensic aspect of hypnosis.
The Aequitas Group has affiliated investigators with a variety of expertise in forensic science – including forensic computer science, digital forensics, forensic fingerprint comparison, forensic psychology, and more – ready to review forensic reports and testimony to ensure that evidence analysis and testimony meets the rigorous requirements of the modern scientific community.
Aequitas Group affiliated investigators stand ready to provide litigation and legal support to attorneys through proactive case preparation methods to help ensure that all of the information is available to provide the strongest advocacy for their clients.
A host of recent cases have shown that the innocent until proven guilty model is not foolproof – and wrongful convictions, while rare, do occur. Aequitas Group affiliated investigators stand ready to conduct thorough case reviews to assist defense and appellate attorneys in building a strong case for either a new trial or a complete reversal of a potentially wrongful conviction.
A sting operation is a type of covert operation designed to catch a person while they are engaged in criminal or otherwise prohibited activity. Aequitas Group affiliated investigators have both law enforcement and private sector experience in conducting these types of operations to help clients discreetly, legally, and professionally uncover employee theft, corporate espionage, on the job drug use, and other problems.
Employers and employees alike should expect that investigations involving allegations of employee misconduct are conducted in a fair, consistent, ethical, and efficient manner. Aequitas Group affiliated investigators have the experience needed to assist employers with such investigations in a way that meets the due diligence needs of the employers while taking into consideration the many variables that impact employee morale – and thus employee productivity.

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AEQUITAS PLLC dba the Aequitas Group is a licensed private security services contractor in Texas with endorsements as an Investigations Company and Security Consultant Company.  Texas Department of Public Safety license number C03072801.