John DeMeo

John DeMeo

After serving in Vietnam with the U.S. Marine Corps, John attended the police academy in New Jersey and worked as a police officer.  Due to his interest and dedication as a police officer, John was trained, assigned, and promoted to be the agency’s crime scene investigator.  After several years John was then recruited to the Charleston (SC) Police Department where he served as a police officer in the crime scene unit during a period where Charleston was #6 in the nation for violent crimes per capita.  After forging an interstate reputation as a forensic investigator, John was offered and accepted the position as the Chief of Police for a small town in South Carolina.  After a successful career as a Chief of Police, John retired and relocated to Texas where he joined the Harris County Sheriff’s Office as a deputy before transitioning into the private sector.  He worked as a fraud investigator with TCI Cable, securing both convictions and court ordered restitution in 99% of his cases.  In 1992, John saw a need in the private investigations field for a specialization in the location of hidden and undiscovered assets of individuals and businesses — and Intella Quest Investigations was born.

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Areas of Expertise

Crime Scene Investigations

Insurance Investigations

Interview & Interrogation

Fingerprint Identification

Fraud Investigations

Police Administration