Aerial Videography

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, with photography and videography providing a significant volume of demonstrative evidence in courtrooms across the nation.  Yet what happens when you need high resolution images of a larger area such as a traffic intersection, a construction project, or acreage?  Satellite imagery lacks ground-level resolution.  Traditional aerial imagery is often cost prohibitive.  Then came small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), commonly called drones, to change the game.

Cost Effective




According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), there are nearly 3,000 remote pilots in Texas that hold Part 107 certificates with authorization for commercial operation of small UAVs.  That number could provide litigation attorneys competitive resources, yet…

How many understand the civil and criminal impacts of Chapter 432 of the Texas Gov’t Code on lawfully obtaining demonstrative evidence using UAVs?
The Aequitas Group has provided training on lawful use of UAV imagery to attorneys through

How many are experienced in photography and videography for evidentiary purposes and the admission of demonstrative evidence through effective courtroom testimony?
Aequitas Group consultants have prepared thousands of exhibits for criminal and civil proceedings in numerous jurisdictions.

How many consider “minimum legal requirements” to be an emergency landing zone rather than a base of operations?
Leveraging our background in public safety, the Aequitas Group goes above and beyond to ensure safe operation in the air.  Our aircraft utilize precision GPS navigation with on-board autopilot computers that will safely return and land in the event of an emergency.  Our aircraft utilize high intensity navigation strobe lights, required for larger aircraft and rarely found on UAVs, to allow other aircraft to see us from miles away.  We utilize NAV/COM aviation radios to monitor other air traffic in the area.

How many have wide area airspace authorizations for UAV flights in controlled airspaces around busy airports?
The Aequitas Group received the first wide area airspace authorization issued by the Federal Aviation Administration for Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport’s Class Bravo controlled airspace.

Our full list of wide-area airspace authorizations from the FAA includes:

  • Addison Airport (ADS)
  • Arlington Municipal Airport (GKY)
  • College Station Easterwood Airport (CLL)
  • Conroe Lone Star Executive Airport (CXO)
  • Dallas Executive Airport (RBD)
  • Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW)
  • Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL)
  • Denton Enterprise Airport (DTO)
  • Georgetown Airport (GTU)
  • Grand Prairie Municipal Airport (GPM),
  • Greenville Majors Airport (GVT)
  • Fort Worth Alliance Airport (AFW)
  • Fort Worth Meacham International Airport (FTW)
  • Fort Worth Naval Air Station JRB (NFW)
  • Fort Worth Spinks Airport (FWS)
  • Houston Hobby Airport (HOU)
  • Houston Intercontinental Airport (IAH)
  • McKinney Airport (TKI)
  • Mesquite Metro Airport (HQZ)
  • McKinney National Airport (TKI)
  • New Braunfels Municipal Airport (BAZ)
  • San Marcos Municipal Airport (HYI)
  • Scholes International Airport at Galveston (GLS)
  • Sherman North Texas Regional Airport (GYI)
  • Sugar Land Regional Airport (SGR)
  • Tyler Pounds Regional Airport (TYR)
  • Waco Airport (CNW)

The Aequitas Group utilizes cutting-edge technology to capture digital aerial videos in stunning 1080p high definition.  We are able to obtain air traffic control (ATC) authorization for flights in controlled airspace off-limits to most UAV operators.  The Aequitas Group has a small, generator-powered RV for secure, comfortable ground operations.  We have enough flight batteries for up to 2 hours flight time before needing to stop for recharge.  The Aequitas Group also has the capability to capture video in both the visible light spectrum and the infrared spectrum.

Click here to view a compilation the Aequitas Group created for mediation in an eminent domain case after a year of aerial surveys over a property in east Texas.

Please contact us for more information or a quote for services.  We are based in North Texas and will travel to East Texas and Central Texas.