Good day, and welcome to the developing website for the Aequitas Group.  Both the Aequitas Group and this website are the fruition of a concept that came to mind quite some time ago — a concept that took time to grow into a framework, a framework that took time to develop into a project, and a project that has taken a good amount of time to develop alongside other projects and endeavors I have been working on while maintaining something akin to balance on a life on the fast track.

Once the main framework and concepts for the website are complete, I’ll begin to work on this section: my professional blog.  Posts may be a status update on the Aequitas Group, updates on projects that I am working on, academic papers I have written related to the concept of the Aequitas Group, musings on other ideas and current events also related to the overall concept.  As things progress, other team members may also help expand the professional blog.  Time will tell!

Alas, for now, I bid you adieu.  Please feel free to view the site’s framework as it develops and send us ideas and opportunities via the Contact Us page.

– Jeremy

© 2014, Jeremy Liebbe. All rights reserved.

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About the author

Jeremy Liebbe holds a Master of Science in Forensic Psychology, holds a Bachelor of Arts in Police Science, and is currently completing a Doctorate of Philosophy in Psychology. He has over a decade of law enforcement investigative experience as a detective sergeant with experience including narcotics, crimes against children, and homicide investigations. As a result of his expertise in complex criminal investigations and forensic mental health Jeremy has earned numerous commendations, lectured throughout Texas and in several other states, authored and co-authored over a half dozen published papers, and has provided expert testimony in over a dozen felony trials.